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Various Artists – Live Grunge (Box Set) 5LP

Tracklist:A1 Nirvana- Love Buzz A2 Nirvana- Floyd The BarberA3 Nirvana- DownerA4 Nirvana- Mexican Seafood A5 Nirvana- White Lace And Stange B1 Nirvana- Spank Thru B2 Nirvana- Anorexorcist B3 Nirvana- Hairspray Queen B4 Nirvana- Pen Cap Chew C1 Alice In Chains- It Ain’t Like That (Radio Intro) C2 Alice In Chains- Man In The Box C3 Alice In Chains- Sea Of Sorrow C4 Alice In Chains- Real Thing D1 Alice In Chains- Bleed The Freak D2 Alice In Chains- Put You Down D3 Alice In Chains- Sunshine D4 Alice In Chains- We Die Young (Radio Outro) E1 Soundgarden- Into The Void (Sealth) E2 Soundgarden- Outshined E3 Soundgarden- Gun E4 Soundgarden- Room A Thousand Years Wide E5 Soundgarden- Big Dumb Sex E6 Soundgarden- Jesus Christ Pose (Fade) F1 Soundgarden- Jesus Christ Pose (Cont.)F2 Soundgarden- Searching With My Good Eye Closed F3 Soundgarden- Hands All Over F4 Soundgarden- Face Pollution F5 Soundgarden- Slaves & BulldozersG1 Pearl Jam- Spin The Black Circle G2 Pearl Jam- Satan’s Bed G3 Pearl J…

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