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Van Halen – Live: Right Here, Right Now. 4LP

Tracklist:- 1 -1. Poundcake2. Judgment Day3. When It S Love4. Spanked5. Ain T Talkin Bout Love6. In N Out7. Dreams8. Man On a Mission- 2 -1. Ultra Bass2. Pleasure Dome / Drum Solo3. Panama4. Love Walks In5. Runaround6. Right Now7. One Way To Rock- 3 -1. Why Can T This Be Love2. Give To Live3. Finish What Ya Started4. Best of Both Worlds5. 3166. You Really Got Me / Cabo Wabo- 4 -1. Won T Get Fooled Again2. Jump3. Top of the World4. The Dream is Over5. Eagles Fly6. Mine All Mine

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