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Taylor Swift – Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (Gekleurd Vinyl) 3LP

Tracks1:Fearless (taylor’s version)2:Fifteen (taylor’s version)3:Love story (taylor’s version)4:Hey stephen (taylor’s version)5:White horse (taylor’s version)6:You belong with me (taylor’s version)7:Breathe (feat. colbie caillat) (taylor’s version)8:Tell me why (taylor’s version)9:You’re not sorry (taylor’s version)10:The way i loved you (taylor’s version)11:Forever & always (taylor’s version)12:The best day (taylor’s version)13:Change (taylor’s version)14:Jump then fall (taylor’s version)15:Untouchable (taylor’s version)16:Forever & always (piano version) (taylor’s version)17:Come in with the rain (taylor’s version)18:Superstar (taylor’s version)19:The other side of the door (taylor’s version)20:Today was a fairytale (taylor’s version)21: You all over me (from the vault)22: Mr. perfectly fine (from the vault)23: We were happy (from the vault)24: That’s when (from the vault) (featuring Keith Urban) 25: Don’t You (from the vault)26: Bye bye bye (from the vault)27: Love story (taylor’…

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