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Soundtrack: Imogen Heap – The Music Of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child: Parts One And Two (Doorschijnend Geel Vinyl) 2LP

TRACKLIST:Side A – Suite One1. Platform 9 ¾2. The Hogwarts Express3. Welcome To Hogwarts4. Wand Dance5. Albus Severus Potter6. The Blanket7. Hut On The Rock8. A Malfoy9. Anything From The Trolley, Dars?10. Ministry Of Magic11. St Oswald’s12. Wizarding World13. Shadows And Spirits
Side B – Suite Two1. Privet Drive2. Into McGonalgall’s Office3. The Forbidden Forrest4. Edge Of The Forest5. Dragons!6. Dumbledore7. Staircase Ballet8. The Duel9. Invisibility Cloak10. Moaning Myrtle11. Scorpius Alone
Side C – Suite Three1. A World Of Darkness2. Another Hogwarts3. Dementors4. Expecto Patronum5. In Trouble (Again)6. Slytherin Dormitory7. The Owlery8. A New Prophecy9. The Augurey
Side D – Suite Four1. Extraordinary General Meeting2. Godric’s Hollow3. Paint And Memory4. Something Written5. The Final Battle6. The Arrival7. Lilly And James8. Burning Bed9. A Nice Day

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