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Soundtrack: Anna Calvi – Peaky Blinders Season 5 & 6 (Gekleurd Vinyl) 2LP

Tracklist:- 1 -1. You're Not God2. Tommy's Requiem #13. Tommy's Plan4. Death is a Kindness5. Black Tuesday6. I Don't Like the Life7. Moseley #18. Ruby's Birthday9. Grace10. There Ain't No Grave11. We Don't Like the Life12. The Execution13. Do What the Voices Tell You14. Moseley #215. Retribution16. Reckoning17. Tommy's Requiem #2- 2 -1. Miquelon G2. Esme3. Under the Maple Tree4. Gina5. Ain't No Grave6. The Sanatorium7. Mosley8. Where Will You Go G9. Pledge Your Allegiance10. Arthur11. Esme's Dream12. Ruby Has a Fever13. Jail and Perfume14. Michael's Plan15. Red Right Hand16. The Eleventh Hour17. Opium18. Goodbye Billy19. Legacy20. Tommy's Final Requiem

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