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Genesis – The Last Domino 4LP

Tracklist:LP 1:1. Dukes End2. Turn It On Again3. Mama4. Land of Confusion5. Home By the Sea6. Second Home By the Sea7. Fading LightsLP 2:1. The Cinema Show2. Afterglow3. Hold On My Heart4. Jesus He Knows Me5. That’s All6. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway7. In Too Deep8. Follow You Follow MeLP 3:1. Duchess2. No Son of Mine3. Firth of Firth4. I Know What I Like5. Domino Medley6. Throwing It All AwayLP 4:1. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight2. Invisible Touch3. I Can’t Dance4. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight5. Carpet Crawlers6. Abacab

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