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Elvis Presley – Nashville Ballads (Rood Vinyl) LP + CD

Tracklist:A1        Thrill Of Your Love (Take 2)A2        Are You Lonesome Tonight (Take 2)A3        Fame And Fortune (Take 5)A4        Something Blue (Take 6)A5        Starting Today (Take 2)A6        I Met Her Today (Take 2)A7        Love Me Tonight (Take 4)A8        Angel (Stereo Master)A9        There's Always Me (Take 9)A10        Someone You Never Forget (Take 1)B1        Anything That's Part Of You (Take 5)B2        Ask Me (Take 3)B3        It Hurts Me (Take 1)B4        Love Letters (Take 8)B5        Anyone (Take 2 – Vocal Overdub)B6        Indescribably Blue (Take 1 – Vocal Overdub)B7        Wisdom Of The Ages (Take 3)B8        I'll Remember You (Take 1 – Vocal Overdub)B9        Mine (Take 13)B10        Suppose (Nashville Master)
CD 1        Thrill Of Your Love (Take 2)CD 2        Are You Lonesome Tonight (Take 2)CD 3        Fame And Fortune (Take 5)CD 4        Something Blue (Take 6)CD 5        Starting Today (Take 2)CD 6        I Met Her Today (Take 2)CD 7        Love Me Tonight (Take 4)CD 8        Angel (Stereo Master)CD 9        There's Always Me (Take 9)CD 10        That's Someone You Never Forget (Take 1)CD 11        Anything That's Part Of You (Take 5)CD 12        Ask Me (Take 3)CD 13        It Hurts Me (Take 1)CD 14        Love Letters (Take 8)CD 15        Anyone (Take 2 – Vocal Overdub)CD 16        Indescribably Blue (Take 1 – Vocal Overdub)CD 17        Wisdom Of The Ages (Take 3)CD 18        I'll Remember You (Take 1 – Vocal Overdub)CD 19        Mine (Take 13)CD 20        Suppose (Nashville Master)

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