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OST – Suicide Squad Gekleurd Vinyl

Tracklist: A1 Task Force X A2 Arkham Asylum A3 I’m Going To Figure This Out A4 You Make My Teeth Hurt A5 I Want To Assemble A Task Force A6 Brother Our Time Has Come B1 A Serial Killer Who Takes Credit Cards B2 A Killer App B3 That’s How I Cut & Run B4 We Got A Job To Do B5 You Die We Die B6 Harley & Joker C1 This Bird Is Baked C2 Hey Craziness C3 You Need A Miracle C4 Diablo’s Story C5 The Squad D1 Are We Friends Or Are We Foes? D2 She’s Behind You D3 One Bullet Is All I Need D4 I Thought I’d Killed You D5 The Worst Of The Worst

Prijs: 32.95  (klik hier voor meer informatie